Apr 24, 2008

It's Turning!!!!

So the weather around here is finally getting to and stay at human levels of livability. I for one am more than excited. This Florida boy can only take so much cold and jeans and jackets and what not. SO it’s nice to finally be able to slip on the shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops! Anyways, here are the past few WODs for the Zombie Crew (which is just one person right now, but hey it’s a beginning right?)

Friday 418:
Main site WOD was Michael but I have had my fill of the workout as we have done it so much that it’s become my bane of a workout. So instead I did “Allison’s B-day WOD” which was:
Row your age in calories (33)
Back squat your bodyweight for body age reps (235x33)
Pull-ups- number of reps is your age (33)
Row your age in calories (33)

This took me 13:00 on the dot and really sucked the life out of my backside. You know it’s bad when the pull-ups are the easy part for me.

Took Saturday and Sunday off as those back squats killed my posterior chain.

Monday 4/21:
5X5 Back squats
Holy shit, back squats again!?!?! Did 245 sets across. I was still pretty tight and my back was pretty sore after this. Glad to get the heavy work though.

Tuesday 4/22:
This was out at the pier for Pose Running technique. We did a number of drills and I feel I am slowly getting it and B-Squared commented that it is coming along. We finished with 3-200 meter runs and 3-600 meter runs. Those were no joke and they pretty much kicked my ass.

Wednesday 4/23:
Rest day on main site, but went into the box to teach the beginners class. Had them do some jump rope warm up, then a Tabata something weird. It consisted of squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees all done Tabata style. A few couldn’t even finish.

After that did a CFNYC classic, Scott’s Mom. This is putting 95 lbs on the bar doing as many OHS as you can, then as many front squats as you can, finishing with as many back squats as you can. Rest, then take the weight and do as many presses as you can, then push presses, then push jerks. Only rules are once you set the bar down you are done, and you can’t go back to a lift you’ve already finished. My totals were:

OHS-20 Press-20
FS-20 PP-10
BS-60 PJ-10

A little tight from the past few days so the squats hurt a little more than usual and for some reason the presses were murder today. Not my best scores on this at all. Besides all that, been working more on stretching and some dead hang pull-ups and really trying to get my body weight and gymnastic skills better. I have a loooooong way to go with those. Mostly diet related, but that is going pretty good right now as well.

Apr 17, 2008

Last few days of WODs here... First on Wednesday it was "Nancy" which is:

5 rounds:
400 meter run
15 95 lbs. OHS

17:05 subbed 500 meter row one, to see how much different it would be and two, because I hate the people on the street and if one more person blows cigarette smoke on me when I run, I'm going to go all Hulk Smash!!! on them. Next time I will do the run (hopefully at new place) and will up the weight to 115lbs because the 95 # OHS were a bit too easy.

Tonight we did "Elizabeth" which is:

135lbs Cleans
Ring Dips

Time was 9:27 with power cleans. I figured why not. We always talk about other WODs using cleans any way so I figured I would do that tonight.

Apr 15, 2008


The WOD for yesterday was ME Hang Power Cleans... Basically 7 tries to get as high a lift as you can. My break down for them was 185-185-195-200-205(f x3). The 200 seemed fairly easy, but as I started my attempt at 205, I tweaked my sciatic muscle, and lost any power and failed on the last 2 attempts as well. Now my left ass cheek is sore and its off to working on some more Pose running tonight at the pier.

Apr 14, 2008

The Project Begins!!!

So today begins Operation Zombie Fitness... This is an idea that has been poppin' around in my head for a while, and the only way for it to stop driving me crazy is to just fucking do it already. I don't know where this will all end up, but this is the official start date. As more and more days go by, this idea of Zombie Fitness will take shape and grow, to hopefully one day be a fully functional and out of control idea of elite fitness and personal growth. Strap in and lets go, the ride, as they say, will sure as shit be bumpy as hell. I mean, we are talking the Apocalypse here!!!