Apr 9, 2010

Its like I dont even check the damn thing!!!

Sometimes I'm just lazy and know I should post more but I don't... But anyways, Spring has sprung (did I really just type "spring has sprung"?!?!) in the city. OK so apparently we're just going to bypass Spring altogether and go straight to Summer. Its been down right hot lately. Not complaining, I will take being too hot over too cold any day, I just like to be eased in a bit. Much like all of the fun stuff that happens during a physical.

Anyways, so with better weather around now, it means hills. And by hills I mean hill runs. Nothing increases the suck factor of training more than running up a trusty old hill. If you re not incorporating these into your training regime, well then you re not moving north of the V-line. So get to it. Find yourself a nice long or steep hill and run up that bitch about 25 times. And when it becomes easy? Well start strapping on the weight vest!