Jun 29, 2008

Dark Nights...

"The Night is Always Darkest Just Before Dawn!"

Doesnt it always seem that at times, its just better to say "fuck it" and walk away? I mean its easier to just give up.

"Eh, Im already fat, what's the sense in watching what I eat."

" Im sore, no way am I going to train today."

" The zombie horde is here, and there's just so damn many of them. Why not just turn the gun on myself, since Im tired of fighting."

But see, there is always a way out, always time to fight. Whatever it is, look for it. Don't think about tomorrow, or the next day, just fight for the next minute. Then another minute. Then another. Hell even if its just for another 10 seconds, whatever little bit of time that you can reach for, do it. Pretty soon, you will find that you have lasted another day. And if you can get one day, you can get another. And keep going from there.

So what's the point, the meaning of all this? Never give up. Always fight. Regardless if its that bad patch in your marriage, your family that seems to be falling apart, that donut that's just calling your name, that muscle-up that just seems to be right out of your reach, or that insurmountable horde of zombies that are just 10 paces behind you, there is always a light at the end of the darkness. Sometimes its hard to see through the clouds and the trees, but trust me, its there. All you have to do is decide to keep on fighting!

Jun 20, 2008

Plan of attack!

"A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."-General George Patton.

When you go work out, do you just wing it or do you go in with a plan of attack? Do you say to yourself, "I'll do whatever is available to me when I get there", or do you wake up with the concrete routine of "Diane" or running, or heavy lifting?

WODs are programming to help you get out of your own way of procrastinating at the gym. Knowing what you're going to do at the gym helps you to mentally prepare for a killer workout and also helps you to moderate your eating as well. On a heavy lifting day, you definitely want to eat more. On a brutal metcon day, like a G.I. Jane, you may want to add more carbs or fats to give you more energy.

Having an agenda before you set foot in the gym, or leave your home rather, allows you to not only maximize your time, but maximize your gains as well.

Fail to plan and you may be planning to fail. And when the zombies show up, winging it may not cut it!

Jun 12, 2008


Is our impending doom nigh? If so, have you picked up a weight and put it over your head? Or are you still thinking that the pec-dec will help you get strong enough to survive an attack? What about sprints? No, of course 45 mins on an elliptical a few times a week will be enough to keep you fit enough for survival. I tend to believe its as Coach Rip says,"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general."

Jun 1, 2008

Run Zombie Run

If you've seen any horror movie, at some point the victims are sprinting for dear life, and of course nothing is more frustrating than watching someone with a clear head start suddenly trip and fall. Then of course, said slasher/killer/zombie has their gruesome way with wobbly-legged teenager. End of story. Thus, one of the most fundamental skills a Crossfitters needs to be proficient at is the ability to run. It doesn't matter of you're running a 100 meter dash or a 5k, running is an important fitness skill and a very important survival skill.

Running fitness translates well into your other WODs as well. Having the stamina to get through Helen will in fact help you get through Fran. Running stresses your lungs and body in a total impact way. Olympic sprinters like Michael Johnson are squatting between 300-500lbs and running 400 meters in less than 30 mind-blowing seconds. You shouldn't have to make the choice whether to be strong or fast-you should be both.

You'll never know when you will be in a situation when you may have to lift something heavy suddenly, but you run for the bus or the train if you're late. You chase down the traffic cop to stop him from giving you a ticket because you're just about to move you're car. And anyone who has kids knows that you're running around after someone all day. See where I'm going?

For us at Zombie Fitness, running (besides heavy artillery or that serum that can cure your rampant zombie problem) is one of your most potent weapons in your arsenal. Being able to outrun a horde of undead creatures is clutch. But being able to perform physical activities after a run is a true indication of great condition. I mean what's the point of getting to your destination and being too tired to climb over that barbed wire fence or open that hatch into the bunker before the napalm bomb drops?

So...Run Zombie Run WOD
Run 400 meters (or around a long block). Do 10 handstand push ups
Run 400 meters. Do 25 squats
Run 400 meters. Do 30 burpees.

Post times and comments. Remember, zombies are everywhere...and sometimes they look like people.

Juice's Log

So today started a little bit of basic training. So for basic training day 1, came up with a little WOD I found on another crossfit site (and for some reason, Im totally drawing a blank on which one right now). The WOD goes like this:

-Hold a hand stand for 5 total minutes.
-Each time you have to come down, you do 25 squats/25 situps.
-Record total time to take to complete and how many reps of squats and situps done.

My time and total reps were 14 mins w/ 125 each of squats & situps. I started off trying it a certain way and I probably could have done this in less time but I was pacing which next I do this WOD, Ill try it a different way.

Basic Training Food:
Keeping calories withing 6-hour window today (11am-5pm), with starting a fast at 5:30pm and ending tomorrow at 9:30am (16-hours) with the following meals:

Breakfast- cashews and smoked cracked pepper turkey
Lunch- Burrito Bowl from Chipotle w/ steak, chicken, pinto beans, salsa, lettuce, & guacomole
Dinner- Skillet w/eggs, ham, onions, mushrooms, and cheese.