Apr 21, 2009

Jack Ab attack

So at the suggestion of my good friend Thor, I too am joining the Crossfit Virtuosity "Abs Challenge". One of the fun things about Crossfit is that there is never short of some maniac out there (Keith) who feels compelled to share his suffering with the rest of the community. As with the Burpees Challenge, the Abs Challenge is definitely something that is going to be fun to attack and difficult to stay consistent with. LOL. But with summer coming up, it's a timely challenge.

I wonder if during the winter we'll have a "French Toast" Challenge? I'm so winning that shit.

So anyway...I'm doing this challenge because of 1-Positive peer pressure, 2-my goal is to increase my total strength so I can get the elusive 1000lb total, and increase my athletic performance so that I can be competitive for amateur boxing tournaments in 2010. 3-In my profession (acting), it can't hurt.

So here is what I ate on Day 1 and 2:

Day 1:
Breakfast-protein shake
Lunch-chicken and salad
Snack -protein bar
Early dinner-roast pork
Dinner; Franks with cheese and some greens

WOD-Heavy Deadlift. 315# 1x5. Pullups 3x7

Day 2
Breakfast-protein shake
Lunch-Franks with melted cheese and pickles
Snack-pepperoni and cheese
Dinner Baked chicken and greens


More to come.

Thor's Day 2

Rest day today... Need to get to bed early due to getting up at the ass-crack (before dawn that is) for team 6 tomorrow. 

Meals today:
Egg salad & cheese stick

Various cold cuts & cheeses

Steak & greens with olive oil&vinegar dressing 

Apr 20, 2009

100-days Ab Challenge

Day 1 begins!!! So I took on the challenge from Keith at CF Virtuosity:

Anyways, so the God of Thunder is trying to be less, "Thunderous" and drop a few, while gaining some more strength. I figure at least this way, it will keep me honest!!!! Stay tuned for the shenanigans that will ensue!

So Day 1 begins:

Egg salad
Cheese Stick

Various Lunch Meats and cheese

Pepperoni slices

Hamburger, no bun, cheddar cheese, bacon
3/4th cup steamed Broccoli
Side of Blue Cheese dressing


slamball 25# ball
sledgehammer swings on tire
= 4:03

3x3 weighted pull-ups (20# vest)
50 airsquats w/ weighted vest (20#)