Jan 22, 2009

Historic Occasion!

So this past week something truly epic and monumental happened… Yeah, yeah sure we swore in our nation’s first black president. That’s pretty important. But even better, I gave my first seminar. At Crossfit Brooklyn, we had a Carnival of Skills day. We took a break from our regularly scheduled programming (read CF Mainsite WOD) to try and do something a little different for the members. The schedule was as follows:

• 11 - 1: "Big Engines Don't Slow Cars Down: Strength Training with Squats and more!" w/ Justin Algera.
• 1 - 3: "Kipping Klass" w/ Torch
• 3 - 5: "Hell's Bells: Kettlebells and you" w/ The Supreme Court
• 5 - 7: "Virtuosity Gymnastics Preview: Come and get a taste of CrossFit Virtuosity's programming with Coach Keith. Try tumbling, cartwheels, handstands and more." w/ Coach Keith Wittenstein
• 7 - 8:30: "The Tao of Hauling Ass: Running properly." w/ Kurt Tullar
• 8:30 - until: "The CrossFit Kitchen Sink - Great skills that don't come up in WODs much" w/ Erica and Jeff

So my section was talking about lifting. Now this can mean many different things, but I tried to focus mainly on squats, the bench press (since this is something we rarely do in crossfit) and pulling technique. I also went through the Burgener warm-up and some other snatch technique work and progressions. All in all, I think it did go pretty well. There was a good turnout and people appeared very receptive to what was being discussed. Of course any endeavor such as this is going to produce a couple of issues here and there, but nothing that really took away from the presentation. The participants were great, very engaging, and had some really great questions. I wish I could have touched more on the Olympic lifts, but unfortunately there just didn't end up being enough time, but I will definitely focus more on that next time. What I found is that 2 hours wasn’t nearly enough to get everything in I wanted to, so next time I will limit the information I plan to go over. This is something I should have been aware of as a staff development trainer, but I’m still fairly new to this arena, but now I know better. And we always know what GI Joe used to tell us, right?

Jan 6, 2009

Be a caterpillar: Train Quietly...Perform Loudly

Most people notice butterflies. Lovely little creature with gossamer wings, a tapestry of brilliant colors arranged so uniquely that it reminds us how beautifully created the universe is. Kids chase butterflies, and there are even museum exhibits dedicated to observing various species of butterflies in all the opulence.

Oddly enough butterflies have a short ass life span.

The caterpillar however is the real genius behind this insect. The butterfly spends 90% of its life as a caterpillar. It in this stage that the butterfly builds its body up for life as the ephemeral insect. The caterpillar plods along eating dirt and plants. It is the unsung hero that keeps on drudging along until it is time for it be cocoon itself into its next phase of evolution.

Training is much like that. Everyone wants to show off the hot abs, tight butts, bulging biceps, in essence-be a butterfly. But few are willing to cocoon themselves in hard work, sweat, strict diet, and consistent training in order to emerge as one. Most people would rather take short cuts into the butterfly stage but they, like the real butterfly, will have a short life span before the fat packs on again until they get back on the next new crash product that slimmed them down so fast in the first place. However, those of us who plodded along with heavy weights, lung-searing metcons, opting for healthier snacks, and taking the night off to rest instead of the wild night of drinking, can emerge from our cocoons brilliantly in all seasons. You will be a force to be reckoned with.

Same goes with any other goal. If you lock yourself down and put in the work now, when your season comes, all the world can't help but notice how excellent you are, and people who didn't notice you before, will chase you like the kids in the field.

So be a caterpillar-train quietly so you can perform loudly. And the world will notice.

Jan 1, 2009

It has begun!!!!

2009 is here, Zombie Fitness goes Weapon X!!!

Happy New Year to everyone.