Nov 21, 2009

Strength in Difference

In life, sometimes those we begin our journey with may not be those who stay on the course trip and make it to the end. However, through different circumstances, fate or coincidence-what have you-we find ourselves surrounded by a motley crew of people who push us further than we had imagined possible, and change our course for the better.

This would accurately describe my training adventure. Crossfit has brought me in contact with people as different from me as Woody Harrelson is from Wesley Snipes. Seeing them side by side, one is inclined to ask, "How can those two be friends?" I get that reaction every time I lift with Justin aka Thor. He's burly guy from Florida-Slayer-loving old school hip listening, and wears skulls and bones on most of his casual clothes. Me, leaner (not so much these days-damn donuts) New Yorker-hip hop and R&B raised, listen to the occasional heavy metal bands. Yet through Crossfit, we found our mutual love for lifting heavy things constantly, Call of Duty, eating, and a mutual hate for all things doucher (faux hawks, emo-musicians, and bad lifting form).

At the gym, we constantly get the "Huh?" look from people when we lift or when we road trip to various affiliates. It is until people talk to both of us that they realize our most common similarity is that we are both...assholes who have no problem speaking their minds freely that they realize we are actually brothers from another mother.

Whatever your journey in life is: whether through fitness, academic interests or social activities, be prepared and more importantly be open to welcoming in those who don't fit into your nifty little box of who should be on your team. It's often by doing things differently that you meet different people who challenge your beliefs, values, and in the gym to get that elusive PR. Being taken far from your comfort zone leads to discomfort i.e. growth. Be odd and welcome the stares-people always line up to see a hero but no one wants to step up and be one.

So get out your zone-remember, when the zombies show up, the ones who are most comfortable will be the hors d' oeouvrs.

Nov 8, 2009

Nov 1, 2009

Daily Apoc Training 11/1/2009

Rest today... Take it easy or some active recovery.